The Show Floor

This event will pay homage to the Amiga's past while looking forward to the Amiga's future.  Most people don't know that the current AmigaOS 4 supports OpenGLES and 4K displays.  The latest release of the Classic Amiga ROM was in 2019.  Amiga inspired systems, MorphOS runs on Apple PPC hardware including laptops.  The AROS Research Operating System, a modern OS with Amiga 3.1 API compatibilities is available across tons of platforms.  Amiga Forever, a commercial Amiga emulation platform is available in it's 8th iteration.

All of these systems will be available and hands-on to try.  Some will be available for purchase.

In addition to a large number of running Amiga systems to use and explore we will have a large historical display of "Before Commodore" items from the personal collection of Dale Luck.  Most people don't know that Amiga Corp built two wirewrap prototypes, you can see them both at this event.  Stay tuned for more details on what treasures will be on display.

At the event, we will have a presentation area with interviews and presentations. 

Saturday night we will have a party.  A birthday party for the C= Amiga.  We will enjoy Pizza, Ice Cream, and Cake.  To quench your thirst we will have a cash bar.